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Many couples think of tropical destinations for their wedding or honeymoon, but what about a fabulous holiday for a wedding anniversary? Seychelles wedding anniversary holidays are becoming more and more popular as couples want to celebrate special anniversaries together in one of the most romantic destinations on the planet.

The Seychelles is renowned for its stunning beaches, warm waters and tropical climate, and these features, coupled with the fact that there are many superb five-star resorts to choose from, make this exotic location the ideal choice for any special anniversary holiday.

If the idea of an exclusive Seychelles wedding anniversary holiday appeals to you, contact us here at Seychelles Holidays Direct. We can tailor a package to suit your needs and will give you the choice of a number of added extras that will ensure you both have a holiday to remember. Whether it is romantic sunset cruises, special rates or discounts, or even an upgrade to a suite, we can help to make your dream holiday come true.

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